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Hi Everybody:
I’ve finally got around to reactivating Master Repair’s website. I’ve got a lot of stuff I want to sell, so I plan on using this forum to get the word out. I’m getting tired of dealing with ebay, and their fees. A lot of the stuff I’m selling will not move very fast and quite a lot of it won’t be priced. In those cases feel free to make a bid and maybe we can negotiate a price. Occasionally i have the opportunity to put items on sale at some really good prices and we’ll put a category in the classifieds section for those. I have a huge stash of old motorcycle photos, so we may add those as time permits. Thanks for visiting !!

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  1. I’m not really sure putting the site up was such a good idea. The spammers are out of control. I haven’t even put the site live yet and have to delete 10 messages a day. I’m thinking of deactivating the comments section. At least for a while. I wonder why anyone would buy any of the products these guys are hocking. This method of advertising is so distasteful.

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